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Evelyn Davis Early Learning Academy Still Searching for New Location

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Evelyn Davis Early Learning Academy

DES MOINES, Iowa – A local pre-school forced to close in June is still without a new location, but hopes to see that change soon.

The Evelyn Davis Early Learning Academy serves families who can’t afford daycare for their children. The Academy’s board says 15,000 children and families have been impacted by the school in its 50-year history. Until June, the Academy shared space with the House of Mercy, but was given a year’s notice to vacate the building after the House of Mercy decided to expand its mental health facility.

The Academy says it was forced to close because it hasn’t been able to find a new location that doesn’t require expensive renovations to meet state codes. While pre-school isn’t in session now, the Academy is hoping to open back up within the next month.

“You know Miss Evelyn Davis and her heart, and what she tried to do for our community,” said Jamel Crawfrod, interim director of the Academy. “And so, it was very hard, just as you’re going through the process, and you’re striking out. And not wanting to give up at all, because you understand the history, and not only the history, you understand the potential impact, and the impact it has had over the 50 years.”

The Academy’s board will meet Thursday evening with community members to draw out options on how to revive the pre-school.