“It Could have been Avoided,” Series of Events Leaves Mother of Two in Critical Condition

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DES MOINES, Iowa -For two weeks Amber Martinez has lied in the Methodist Hospital critical care unit in a coma.

“She has broken bones in every limb, five surgeries in all so far. All those surgeries took place within a ten day period,” says Marcy Ashley, Martinez sister.

Martinez is where she is now after the result of a series of decisions dating back last June.

On August 22, Martinez was going about her daily routine. She was on her way to pick up her two children from her parents’ house in Urbandale, just off of Meredith Drive.

The 39 – year – old never made it. The route to her children crossed paths with Scott Grimes. He crashed head on into her car while fleeing US Marshalls.

“It feels like this could have been avoided. It’s frustrating,” Ashley says.

Grimes choose to flee from the feds because one week earlier, he managed to escape from the Warren County Jail as the jailer gave medicine to another inmate. Warren County has tried three times to replace its outdated and over - crowded jail. Voters last rejected the property tax increase to pay for a new jail and justice center in May.

They are all events out of one family's control. They are choosing not to waste their energy on being angry but instead focusing on how to best support Martinez.

“She’s my big sister. She’s not supposed to be stuck in a hospital bed on a ventilator for something so reckless.”

Martinez has received several blood transfusions. Her family is encouraging others to donate blood, not only to help her but other who may be in need. The family tells Channel 13, once Martinez is released from the critical care unit, she will need other specialized care.

For ways you can help with the family’s medical expenses, click here.

Grimes is now serving time in the Jasper County Jail along with nearly two dozen other inmates from the Warren County Jail, due to over - crowding and unlivable conditions.