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Des Moines Girl Helping Homeless through ‘Blessings Bags’

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DES MOINES, Iowa - One Des Moines girl is hoping to help the homeless by spreading some blessings.

Niasha Wills is a 12-year-old girl from Washington, D.C. who moved to Des Moines two years ago. She says the large number of homeless she saw while living in D.C. sparked a passion in her to help.

Wills got the idea for "Blessings Bags" from Pinterest. They're simply Ziploc bags full of essentials - like first-aid kits, lotion, chapstick, and toiletries - as well as some things meant to just brighten a person's day, like cookies, juice, and a personalized card.

"Sometimes I'm not grateful with what I have, but then I walk outside, and I see somebody that's hurt, or doesn't have a lot of help, it makes me sad because I'm not grateful with what I have," she said.

Wills is hoping to fund this project through a GoFundMe page, though she admits it's been a fairly slow process so far. Any money raised will go toward supplies for the Blessings Bags, and she hopes to add toys for children around Christmas time to the project.