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Des Moines Student’s Mouth Wired Shut and Jaw Broken after Middle School Fight

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DES MOINES, Iowa--It's a parents nightmare.  "My son is in the hospital. he can't talk. This is ridiculous," said Brenda Klinger.

A fight Thursday at Goodrell Middle School in Des Moines left Brenda Klinger's son, thirteen year old Jackson, in the hospital with extensive injuries.  "His mouth is completely screwed shut.  It's broken on both sides.  He will have a wire in his mouth the rest of his life. He's got a broken hand in three spots.  He will have surgery for that too," said Klinger.

Goodrell Principal Peter LeBlanc says a school and Des Moines Police investigation points to a lunch room argument. "After conducting our investigation and speaking with everyone who was there to witness the unfortunate incident, it was a fight between two students that attend our school," said LeBlanc. The other student is fourteen years old.

Brenda believes the adult supervision on hand didn' t respond fast enough.  She believes video shows teachers standing around and other students can be seen in the video trying to push away the kids attempting to stop the fight.  Brenda said, "It almost looked like they wanted my son to get his ass kicked."

Social media posts have indicated the fight was racially charged but the investigation found that untrue.  "Right now we don't have any evidence, that we have collected, that tells us that this was racially motivated in any way," said LeBlanc.  Whether racially motivated or not, LeBlanc says the fight is inexcusable. "Our number one priority to is keep our students safe.  Any time we have an unfortunate incident we sit down and plan and we review our procedures to make sure we do the best to keep our students safe."

Brenda just hopes her son can get back to a normal life.  "I don't think I will sleep.  I'm afraid he's going to gag at night.  His mouth is wired shut.

Police are still unsure who the aggressor was in the fight. Brenda says the other student had minor bruising and she hopes to press charges against him.