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ISU President: Free Expression Welcome on the Entire Campus

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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa State University President Steven Leath has clarified the policy on the Iowa State Campus regarding freedom of speech. Leath spoke before the Board of Regents last Thursday.

"There were a number of reports last year including in the media that we only had certain free speech zones, which was completely inaccurate,” said Leath. "To be clear free expression has always been welcome, and encouraged on the entire campus.”

The ISU President explained the Free Speech zones are designed for rallies and public gatherings at a spot where it would not disrupt classroom activities.

“The President's statement affirms what is already evident in case-law and principles of the First Amendment,” said Dirk Deam who is a Senior Lecturer in the ISU Department of Political Science. “We want to encourage the widest possible array of ideas and different opinions that we can.”

Like anywhere, opinions can differ on a college campus, but that should not limit free speech.

“Generally, the law on this is that being offended by something is not grounds itself for limiting speech,” said Deam “The usual the way the court talked about this is to say that if you're offended by some of these ideas then offer your ideas."