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Democratic VP Candidate Tim Kaine Reaches Out to Students at ISU Rally in Ames

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AMES, Iowa -- Iowa has just six electoral votes but in an election as close as this year's presidential race is shaping up to be, every one of those votes will count.

With that in mind, Iowa played host to both vice presidential candidates Monday.

Democratic nominee Tim Kaine made a pit stop on his way to Ames at Mars Cafe in Des Moines around noon for some coffee and to meet with potential voters.

From there, he headed north for Ames and a rally at Iowa State University's Memorial Union.

This weekend, a new poll came out that showed Kaine and Hillary Clinton are losing "millennial" voters to third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. Kaine reached out to the students in the audience and told them that he, his wife and Hillary Clinton were all three in their shoes a few years ago.

Political Director Dave Price was in the crowd at this afternoon's rally and joined the Channel 13 News at 5 with a live report.