Monday Storms Cause Damage in Southern Iowa

CHARITON, Iowa -- Storms Monday night caused damage to at least two homes in Chariton and knocked down numerous tree branches.

One rental home had a large tree branch draped all the way across the roof.

"I was coming in from Des Moines kind of watching the storm from the backside," said Todd Lambirth, who owns a rental house in Chariton. "I thought 'boy that looks like it's over Chariton' and got home, watched it with the wife a little bit and started getting phone calls about damage in town."

Lambirth had just completed a new roof on the house last week. He said there were no tenants in the house, so there was nobody disrupted by the storm.

Nearby another huge tree fell on a house along Woodlawn Avenue. The tree caused heavy damage to the northeast corner of the house. The owners were not at home when the storm hit, they were at a football game in town.

"You know when I came to town to look at this it was pretty chaotic all the emergency crews were going out to different places," said Lambirth. "A lot of fire whistles, a lot of things going on, it was pretty hectic  between 6 and 7 p.m."

In Wayne County, the storm knocked part of the roof from a cattle show barn. No people or animals were injured in that incident east of Corydon.