Effects of Ames Rainfall Dampers the Game-day Mood

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You have to get up early for 11 a.m. tailgates.

“My alarm went off at 5:45 this morning” said Alex Walsh.

“Four o`clock, we woke up about four o`clock in the morning , we got here about five o`clock in the morning” said  Curt Adams and Brody Brownlee.

“Well we pulled in at 5:30 to try and get into the lots over by the C-Y and the Hilton and find out then that we couldn’t park there” said Marie Rainforth

Rainforth and the others are dealing with the rain mother nature brought forth on Thursday.  All the grass lots were closed due to soggy conditions, and that equals around 3,000 less parking spaces.

“It was a little more difficult than usual. We usually park on the other side of the stadium and we pulled up and noticed there wasn’t as many people parking there, and we’re like well that’s not a good sign so we had to turn around and come all the way to the other side because there was only one lot available for public parking” said Walsh

“The couldn’t tell us even where, on some map you couldn’t read in the morning, where we could go and they suggested walking out here, so we’re staying over there and it’s taking us a half an hour to walk through over here” said Rainforth.

The closed parking lots didn’t just make it harder for people to get their tailgate started,  it also put a damper on the pregame mood.

“There’s no students along here, there’s just, it feels a little ‘Debbie Downer’ so far today” said Rainforth.

There’s like nothing going on, it’s like is there a football game happening today? `Cause it`s like empty” said Walsh.

“It sucks, it’s not fun, there’s not as many people having a good time. Not much we can do about it. People are split into a lot of different areas, so all the students aren’t in one area where they usually are, so it puts a damper on it” said Adams and Brownlee.

“There’s like people tailgating in the old Kmart parking lot, it’s so lame, it takes away the whole spirit of having a home game” said Stef Brown.

That doesn’t mean though, that people weren’t trying.

“Well it’s 9 in the morning and we’re drinking already, so if that says anything…” said Brown.

The school did provide extra shuttles to bring people in who had to park further away from the stadium.