Cedar Hills Community Church Opens Doors for Shelter, Red Cross

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- Kira Lewis took her three children to the shelter Monday because her family was asked to evacuate their home due to the incoming floods.

"Hopefully, it`s better than everybody`s thinking but, we don`t know if we`re going to have a home to go back to, so it`s really stressful not knowing," Lewis said. "We`re just hoping it passes and it`s better than what we think."

The Cedar Hills Community Church opened its doors so the Red Cross could set up shelter, and provide food and a refuge to those who have been displaced by the flooding.

"After the floods of 2008, we said we want to be able to respond quicker and better if this ever were to happen again or something along it, which is when we first made the connections with the Red Cross and set ourselves up to be a site for them in event of emergency down the road, which now has proved to be very effective," said Leah Corlan, Director of Worship, Cedar Hills Community.

"They can come if they need help," said Alan Van Beek, Red Cross Disaster Services. "They can come here if they need a place to stay, as you can see we got a lot of empty cots here and we`ve got more than enough room for them and if we need to set up more cots we can."

And those staying at the shelter are grateful for the help.

"Everything has just been awesome the support of this church, is just phenomenal," Lewis said. "You won`t believe the donations that's been coming through here. The people of Cedar Rapids are just donating, you won`t believe the hospitality that this church and Red Cross is producing."