Cedar Rapids Family Chooses Not to Evacuate, Braces Home for Floods

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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa -- People living in the Cedar Rapids area have been recommended to leave their homes due to the flooding. That's about 5,000 homes, though not everyone complied.

There's also a curfew in place for the zone, from 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. During those hours, police will make sure only those who have a reason to be are there.

One brave family staying behind dealt with $6,000 worth of damages after the 2008 flood. They hope to minimize some costly repairs by staying home.

As the Cedar River rises, the Hraback family isn't taking any chances in Cedar Rapids. For many, including Nick Hraback, it all feels like Deja vu after the historic 2008 floods.

“In 2008, everything imaginable was lost," Nick said.

With plenty of notice that the Cedar River will crest at 23 feet by 1 p.m. Tuesday, the family is more prepared this time.

“In the shower, I have about 300 pounds of weight secured to the ceiling and that should keep water pressure from coming through,” Nick said.

Despite nearly 5,000 homes advised to evacuate, some hope to hold the damages to a minimum.

“It's a voluntary evacuation so we are just waiting it out to see if we do get anything,” Lyndsey Hrabak said.

Sand bags are piled high at the Save A Lot store less than 100 yards away from the Hraback front porch, a porch that was recently rebuilt this past spring because of damage from the 2008 flood.

“We kept trying to improve, improve, improve and we felt we would never go through this again and it's only eight years later,” Nick said.