Governor Branstad, State Leaders Tour Town of Greene Following Flood-related Damages

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GREENE, Iowa -- While Cedar Rapids braces for flooding, communities upstream are dealing with the aftermath of high water.

The Shell Rock River didn't rise as high last week as it did back in 2008, but the damage was the same: flooded homes and businesses.

After a stop in Charles City, Governor Branstad, Lt. Governor Reynolds and other state leaders toured Greene.

In Greene, people are still cleaning up and trying to salvage what they can from the destructive flood waters. In some homes, the water reached nearly waist high.

While that's lower than eight years ago, in many ways, this hit is even worse than before. Not only are they dealing with flooding, they're also picking up from the damaging winds that came from the tornado warning that blew through.

Just like last time, volunteers from near and far are pitching in to help.

"One thing that makes me so proudĀ of Iowa is people pitch in to help each other," Governor Branstad said. "We also want to make sure the state resources are there."