Hillary Clinton Makes Personal Plea to Iowans on First Day of Early Voting

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Vote early, vote often. Political operatives have used that joke for years. But Thursday in Des Moines, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party's nominee for president, offered her own pitch: vote...now.

"Are you ready to go to the polls?" Clinton asked a crowd assembled for her mid-day rally at Cowles Commons in downtown Des Moines.

Iowa is like the  majority of states now. Registered voters don't have to wait to vote on election day. They can do it early, 40 days early if they choose this year. And they don't need an excuse like they will be out of the country on election day. They can request an absentee ballot or go vote at their county auditor's office or designated satellite voting location.

Clinton trails Donald Trump, the Republican's nominee for president, in recent Iowa polls. The campaign may have to out-organize Trump and the Republicans to beat them in November.

Logistics are part of that. And the campaign tried to use logistics in its favor. Supporters at Clinton's Des Moines rally could later walk down the street to the Polk County Auditor's office (if they lived in Polk County, of course) to cast their ballot on the first official day of early voting. Clinton herself made the suggestion to the crowd the campaign said numbered 2,000 people.

"I want this election to be about something, not just about being against somebody," Clinton added.

Three minutes after making that statement, she ripped Trump. "Donald Trump has built a lot of businesses on the backs of the little guy," Clinton lamented.

She also accused Trump of taking advantage of workers over the years like dishwashers and painters, for calling climate change "a hoax" and for openly rooting for a housing crisis in the past.