Active Shooter Training Video Shot in Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa - Real guns going off in a real office in Des Moines - but these are actors, immersing themselves into an active shooter situation.

"If this saves one life, then we did a good job," said actor Paul Kim.

On the set of Strategos International's latest workplace training video, the company is focusing on a threat they say most businesses don't educate employees on - active shooters.

"We're becoming more aware of them, because the tragedies are becoming more mass-casualty type of events," said Strategos International President Vaughn Baker. "Statistically, they're not that much on increase, however, workplace is where they happen the most."

Strategos International says there's no HR department out there with a training video on active shooters, and as shootings become more prevalent in society, that needs to change.

"Today, if an active shooter comes into a building, most people don't know what to do," said Bob Chonka, the director. "And when they start to think about what they'd do, they start to have a lot of panic, and anxiety starts to creep in, because honestly, they don't know. We're just not properly trained."