Corn Behind Harvest Average

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The weather was warmer and drier this last week, letting Iowa farmers work in the fields for about five and a half days.
In the Iowa Crop Progress report, farmers got a good start on harvest.
About 88% of the corn crop is mature, two days ahead of the five year average. But only 10% of the crop has been harvested, nine days behind the average. Eighty-one percent of corn is in good or excellent condition.
Beans are doing better, 86% are dropping leaves, well above the average and 21% of the crop has been harvested. Bean conditions are at 81% good or excellent.
The growing season this year was on the warmer side of usual, mainly in June and August, but it was pretty wet. Especially in northeastern Iowa, where some areas have already got about 50 inches of rain this year.
State Climatologist Harry Hillaker says, "Moisture-wise, we really did pretty well kind of finishing off the growing season. It slowly got, towards late-August and September, we started getting some big deluges that were too much and also really too late to be of any benefit."
Hillaker says in southeast Iowa it's been notably dry.
But even though the state has had a good stint of dry weather the last week and a half, next week there's more chances of rain.
But he adds the weather looks to stick to warmer than usual, which could help out drying out the harvest.