Local Parents Concerned Over FDA’s Teething Product Warning

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GRIMES, Iowa -- An all-natural teething soothing remedy is off the market after FDA officials warn of its dangers.

On Friday, the FDA issued a warning against the use of homeopathic teething tablets and gels citing that two of their main ingredients; belladonna and benzocaine, could cause seizures, heart problems, and difficulty breathing.

Soon-to-be mother of three, Amy Sonntag, used Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets on her two children but won't be using it with her third.

"Being all-natural and you think that they are safe but the FDA coming out and saying that they are the exact opposite is scary as a mom," she says.

Blank Children's Hospital pediatrician, Dr. Amy Shriver says the products "aren't worth the risk." For years she has urged parents to be cautious of homeopathic remedies. Shriver suggests parents soothe their child's gums by massaging them, putting a plastic teething toy in the refrigerator or using a pain relieving medication.

In 2010, the same Hyland's products were re-called for its use of belladonna.

Despite the criticism, then and now, the company stands behind the safety of its product. Hyland's is fully cooperating with the FDA and providing them with all the necessary information the need to complete further testing.