Early Farm Bill Possible

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says a huge crop and low prices have boosted the chance of getting an early Farm Bill.
Ag leaders and producers have hinted at or argued for a new farm bill for weeks, pointing at the 2014 farm bill safety net.
Grassley forecasts when he gets back from Washington, he's going to hear a lot of stress from farmers having trouble getting refinanced for a new crop year.
Grassley says, "I think there's going to be a lot of talk about we got to get a new farm bill passed in 2017. Preempt the 2018, fifth year of the 2014 farm bill and get a new farm bill started a year early."
Grassley says there isn't enough time to get a farm bill done before farmers plant a crop next year, any new bill would apply for 2018. He adds there is a need for urgency
Net farm income is down about $30 billion since 2013.