Local Woman Watches Debate as Clinton’s Guest

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WINDSOR HEIGHTS, Iowa -- A Windsor Heights woman calls herself a “political nobody”, but Janelle Turner is somebody to Hillary Clinton. Turner was invited by the campaign to watch the debate in St. Louis as Clinton’s guest.

“We have just gotten to know her and her staff and they are just like friends,” said Turner.

The two met at a rally in Des Moines last year. At the time, Turner was battling breast cancer and a sign her 9-year-old daughter made caught the eye of Bill Clinton.

One read, ‘I heart Hillary’. The other said ‘13th chemo yesterday, hear me roar’.

The former president took them backstage to meet his wife. Since then, Turner and Clinton have appeared on stage together during her campaign stops in Des Moines and touch base every few weeks.

“She has been amazingly kind to my family in just taking to us and listening to us and checking in on me every few weeks,” said Turner.

On Friday, the wife, mom and cancer survivor received a surprise invitation to the debate. Her daughter wanted to go, but Turner decided it wouldn’t be kid friendly so she took her twin sister instead.

“To say that the mood in there was tense would probably be an understatement. I think everybody was a little on edge,” she described.

Turner flew in, watched the heated exchanges on stage in person, then returned from her whirlwind trip to Missouri. She didn’t get a chance to talk to Clinton but said it was an honor to be there to support her.