Oklahoma Four-Wheelers Get Help From Iowa Travelers

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A trio of Oklahoma adventurers found themselves up a creek, literally, but were rescued by some Iowans.

Now Oklahoma wants to find them, to say “thanks."

Ali Davis, her boyfriend and brother were running their four wheelers in the Red River near Waurika, Oklahoma. They got one of the four-wheelers stuck and used the other one to try to pull it out but it also became stuck.

After a number of attempts to get out of the mud, they had tried to call on the phone for help but cell service was spotty.

They then noticed a blue Dodge pickup slow down on a nearby highway bridge, before circling back to come check on them.

The men used the blue Dodge truck to pull out one of the stuck four-wheelers, but didn’t have enough chain to reach the other one. So, they called a buddy, and a third guy came with a chain to help.

"If it wasn't for them, there's no telling we probably wouldn't have got out, waiting for somebody to see us in the bridge,” said Ali Davis. “They had really been paying attention and for them to stop and help us, God sent them for reason."

Finally, out of the muck, Ali Davis thanked the men, and they took off. But she forgot their names and would love to contact them to thank them.

“It's just unfortunate that we didn't catch their name,” said Davis. "I'm sure they probably did tell us their name, the one guy that drives a Dodge truck has an Iowa tag that says O'Brien County on it, and I know they work for a windmill company.”

Ali Davis, along with her brother and boyfriend, would love to take the Iowa wind turbine workers out to lunch, or something to show their appreciation.

According to MidAmerican news releases, that company has recently opened a wind farm in O’Brien County, and MidAmerican has an office in Primghar, the county seat of O’Brien County.

Davis said that the guy with the truck may have been working in Kansas after they did the rescue. You can contact Ali Davis on her email address: Ali.brooke@yahoo.com.