City of Ames Planning New Airport Terminal Building

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AMES, Iowa- The City of Ames is considering the approval of construction of a new Airport Terminal Building for $1.9 million dollars.

The City is getting some help from The Ames Economic Development Commission, which is chipping in $250,000 toward the new terminal, and Iowa State University, which is contributing the same amount.

“Our Board of Directors thought it was very important use our resources,” said David Benson, who serves on the Ames Economic Development Commission. “The airport and the companies that use the airport they provide jobs to people in Ames and throughout Central Iowa.”

The terminal has been seen as too small, and looking decades old in need of a new look.

“This will be an upgrade, like the level of facility, it will also be a larger facility,” said Damion Pregitzer, who is Traffic Engineer for the City of Ames. “We have a lot of student athletes, a lot of visitors to Ames, so we want to make sure were keeping up with the growth of the people to come to the airport.”

Also the airport has constructed a new hangar building to house visitor’s aircraft while they are in Ames. That structure cost just under $1 million and the Ames Economic Development group also contributed $200,000 to that project as well.

"Big 12 Conference teams from Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas fly up here,” said Benson. "The hanger will enable those airplanes to be out of the weather while they're here, hopefully getting beat by Iowa State,” added Benson, with a smile.

The terminal project is part of an overall effort to improve the airport. Next the City will consider building longer runways to accommodate larger aircraft hoping to use the Ames Airport.