Mike Pence Campaigns in Newton, Discusses Trump Scandal and Clinton

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NEWTON, Iowa – Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence spent most of the past few days defending his running mate, Donald Trump, and he did more of that Tuesday in Newton.

Pence talked with the crowd about lewd and sexually aggressive comments Trump made eleven years ago. For Pence, this was a speech to acknowledge the scandal and then pivot to the opponent.

The scandal has threatened to unravel the campaign and been the final straw for some elected officials to bail from the campaign.

A few hundred people lined up to hear pence at DMACC Tuesday.

Campaign volunteers tried to get them to sign up to support Trump and vote early if they wanted to do that.

After they got inside, Pence told them Trump has apologized for his inappropriate remarks and he made the case that that apology was sincere.

“My running mate showed humility,” Pence said. “He showed the American people what was in his heart. And then he fought back and turned the focus to the choice that we face because this election is not a so much a choice between a choice between two people, it's a choice between two futures.”

Pence then made the pivot to Clinton and how the Department of Justice communicated with her campaign during the investigation into her emails, how Clinton may have divulged classified information in a paid speech about Bin Laden’s capture, and that she's disqualified as president for saying: What difference does it make about what led to the murders of four Americans in Benghazi.