New Mural in Des Moines Celebrates Beer, Biking Culture

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A new mural in Des Moines is celebrating the biking and beer culture of Des Moines.

The mural is located on the Exile Brewing Company building.

The artwork includes some notable Des Moines landmarks with a large image of the Capitol and the caption, “Cheers from Des Moines."

The mural is part of the Des Moines Walls Project, which plans to produce more around the metro.

The artist behind this mural says he's the right man for the job.

"As an artist, ever since going to Grandview, I`ve pretty much been drinking beer and riding bikes, so it was a perfect segway for me to pull together a presentation for the brewery to consider,” said Ben Schuh. “Overall, all of the imagery in here ties to either the brewery, the family that owns the brewery or bikes and the city of Des Moines.

Adore Your Walls, an online art advisory service, launched the project and plans to connect more businesses and artists in the area to collaborate on public murals in the coming months.