Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Caused Saylor Township Deaths

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Alicia Arpy and Raymond Silbaugh III (WHO-HD)

Alicia Arpy and Raymond Silbaugh III (WHO-HD)

POLK COUNTY, Iowa – The cause of death for two people found in a Saylor Township home back in August has been determined as carbon monoxide poisoning.

Officials discovered the bodies of Alicia Arpy, 42, and Raymond Silbaugh III, 26, on August 23rd at 320 NW 54th Avenue after performing a welfare check. No obvious signs of trauma to the bodies were found.

Autopsies were performed and Thursday the Polk County Medical Examiner’s Office released the results, saying the deaths were accidental due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

The home had been foreclosed on in July and officials say there was no power connected. A generator was found in the home which investigators say may be linked directly to deaths of Arpy and Silbaugh.