Farm Bureau Working On Next Farm Bill

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New farm bill talks could start as early as next year with commodity prices dropping below cost of production.
The American Farm Bureau Federation is already talking about the next bill and they want to work out problems before they happen by generating white papers from state farm bureaus to generate discussions.
President Zippy Duvall says they want to develop singular policies for the next farm bill versus many different points that can be confusing as a whole.
He says no farm bill is perfect, but safety net programs for dairy and cotton are not working right now and need fixes along with the revenue coverage program like ARC.
Duvall urges Congress to fight for farmer protections after the downturn in the agriculture economy, "We need to figure out what that safety net is, then we'll figure out how we're going to pay for it. We don't need to walk in there this year volunteering to take cuts, because we've already taken our cuts. We've taken the hit on the chin. And it's time for the other programs around Congress to take those hits and we need to make sure that we keep American agriculture strong and our country safe."