Local Mother on a Mission To Protect Her Son and Stop Bullying

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- This is national safe schools week, but a mother of a student at Harding Middle School does not feel that her son is safe. That's why Ashley Sheldon spent Monday afternoon standing in front of the school demonstrating, while holding anti-bullying signs and keeping an eye on the bullies. Ashley Sheldon's son, a 6th grader, was beaten up badly by bullies last week on the street outside of the school. And now Ashley is a mother on a mission, doing what she can to protect her son and take a stand against bullying.

In response to this story, Amanda Lewis, Communications Officer for Des Moines Public Schools, sent the following statement:


"Ms. Sheldon’s signs echo how we all feel about bullying. We want all of our 32,000 students to make good choices every day, and we teach and encourage them to do so.  In fact, Harding Middle School has seen a decrease in bullying incidents this year, and a partnership with the neighborhood association and Des Moines police has made the walk home safer for students.  We hope parents continue to reinforce at home how important it is to be respectful of others."