Marshalltown Homeless Shelter to Reopen November 14th

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House of Compassion will reopen as Marshalltown's only homeless shelter. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

House of Compassion will reopen as Marshalltown’s only homeless shelter. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa- The only homeless shelter serving this city will reopen on November 14th.

The House of Compassion Shelter was closed September 3rd due to issues involving housing of both women, families, and men. Seems there is not enough space there to separate the various groups being housed, so the shelter was closed.

“So I just became evident that we need to close down clean the facility which you can’t do when you’re open,” said Karen Frohwein, Director of the Shelter. “Then we will form a group to decide what’s the best way to use the space.”

House of Compassion still operates a supply closet for those in need and serves a supper nightly to those who need a meal.

When the shelter does reopen, it will not be serving men, due to the space issue.

“This is a six-month trial and yes we’re not going to have men in the shelter for the next six months,” said Frohwein. “We chose to accept what we think are the most vulnerable populations and are very disappointed that we don’t have a spot yet for the men.

Frohwein added that the next step is to find out how can we help men that are homeless in the community.

“Down the road we would like to see another building, maybe it would house everyone, maybe there would be some transitional space in it for people who have long term difficulties,” said Frohwein.