Trump Supporter Says Campaign Sign Torched in Colfax

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COLFAX, Iowa -- During a presidential campaign full of personal attacks, supporters on one side of the ticket are now accusing the others of following suit.

“A lot of personal attacks are going on and really quite frankly, I think it turns people off to being involved and showing support,” said Dave Wolf.

About a month before Election Day, Wolf decided to put a Trump-Pence sign in his front yard in Colfax. Tuesday morning, his son called and told him that someone had lit it on fire.

“I couldn't believe that somebody did this and then, you start thinking about acts like this is are actually going against the main thing we hold very dear and that's the freedom of expression,” said Wolf.

Wolf reported the case to police. He doesn't know who burned his yard sign or why but decided to keep what little is left of it up in his yard.

“You don't have a right to engage in vandalism, you don't have a right to engage in a crime,” said Drake Law Professor Tony Gaughan.

Gaughan says are limits to what is protected under free speech and freedom of expression.

“The First Amendment guards against the governments' intrusion onto your right to engage in free speech, but private entities - including private employers - are not governed by the first amendment in the same way,” he explained.

That means you don’t have the right to say or post anything you want on social media.

"I tend to think this probably wasn't a kid, but who knows, who knows. You just never know," said Wolf.