Iowa Board of Regents Express Concerns Over Use of ISU Airplanes

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AMES, Iowa -- The issue over the use of Iowa State University airplanes was front and center at the Iowa Board of Regents Thursday after the news of ISU President Stephen Leath flying an ISU aircraft which was damaged on a hard landing came to light.

The board office had conducted a review of the use of state equipment, with special attention focused on the airplanes of Iowa State. The review found no laws were broken, but there could be better documentation of what is university business and what is a private business trip.

One Regent, Dr. Subhas Sahai, of Webster City, said he did not like finding out about this issue in the news.

He was not the only regent who expressed concern.

"One of the things I wanted to say, in light of recent events regarding Iowa State and their planes, that frankly, I`m extremely disappointed,” said Bruce Rastetter, Regent President. “We at the Board of Regents take the use of university resources very seriously. In more than a few instances the decision to use the plane appears to be questionable at best."

The next step includes President Rastetter wanting auditors to review every flight Leath has taken while at ISU.

Leath has reimbursed the university more than $17,000 for repairs to the damaged plane.