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Cubs Fans in Des Moines Appreciate Significance of “Fly The W”

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Flying “The W” flag for a Cubs win has been a tradition since the 1940s, but for fans around the metro, the flag means much more than just putting one in the W column.

“It takes me to being there, just seeing them raise that flag, that tells you that it was a good day,” said 39 year-fan Greg Warren.

“It represents to me, the W, is all those guys that played in the back in the 60s, Ernie Banks, Santo, all of those guys that came before that didn’t get a chance,” said Kenny Wolf, a fan since 1969.

“Well it’s just to keep hope for every day that we’re going to make it," said 14-year-old fan Will Armstrong.

They have made it. For the first time in 71 years, the Cubs are in the World Series.

“Saturday night I asked my wife, after about a half an hour and a couple of brewskies, ‘pinch me is this for real?’” said Wolf.

Fans young and old took to their front yard to raise the flag, though some took some convincing.

“I was hesitant to do it, because through this whole stretch I haven’t done it, and I’m like man I gotta get it out there just because this was huge, just making it to the World Series is huge. The little one, Zoey, she told me ‘dad you gotta fly the W!’ so I put it out there and hopefully this works,” said Warren.

His basement lined with autographed baseballs from some of the greats of the game, Kenny Wolf is a student of baseball history and says being able to fly the W after a World Series win would be an image that would go down as a defining image.

“The Black Cat, The Goat, Babe Ruth pointing at center field, Bartman of course, all those superstitious years are wiped clean,” said Wolf.

According to the Chicago Tribune's rules for flying “The W” Cubs fans are supposed to take down the flag at the end of the season unless they win the World Series; then they get the entire off-season to fly it high.

While Cubs fans can fly the W in their yard they can also do it from their phone using the hashtag #FlyTheW. Twitter has gone so far as to add a virtual W flag to the hashtag’s display.