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Raygun in Des Moines Cashing in on 2016 Political Season

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- This political season has been a gold mine for Saturday Night Live and late night comedians.

A Des Moines institution has been cashing in, too.

Raygun, known for their humorous and sometimes biting commentary, has been trying to keep up with the craziness on the campaign. They say the campaigns have given them plenty of material to work with.

Their best seller by far right now is their "America Needs Nasty Women" shirt.

Employees find themselves facing the same struggles that the campaigns themselves do: finding a clear, concise message that someone will want to support.

"People had suggested we do onesies that said 'adorable deplorable' , which I thought was kind of funny, but we just didn't know if that was marketable,” said Mike Draper, Owner of Raygun. “It’s tough to think of what you can sell and what you can shrink down to just a couple of words."

If you want a shirt, act fast. They are flying off the shelves now but Draper says after Nov. 8 the interest will quickly drop to zero.