Cyclone Fans Look to Cub Fans for Hope

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AMES, Iowa -- Cyclone Fans Thursday were gathering for a tailgate before the Oklahoma game at Jack Trice Stadium.

Among all the Cyclone flags, you could spot a few “W” flags flying in celebration of the biggest win the Cubs have had in over 100 years in winning Game 7 of the World Series.

Last week Sports Illustrated ran a story comparing Iowa State Football to the Chicago Cubs, for lack of big wins, and a loyal fan base. Fans at the Oklahoma tailgate in Ames understand that comparison.

"The Cyclones have gone many years since they’ve had a true winning team,” said John Taylor of Newton. “They won a bowl game and have not finished number one in the nation. So I'm looking forward to that before I die.”

“Both teams have good fan bases, but the Cubs, at least they been somewhat close to making the playoffs,” said Jason Mikkelsen, of Ames. “Iowa State, we made some bowl games so I can see the comparison.”

"I think the biggest thing Sports Illustrated was looking for is a fan base that craves success and has been there through a lot of down times,” said Chris Williams of Cyclone Fanatic. “That is certainly Iowa State, they won seven games the last three years, and they're still getting 50,000 people at each game.”

Williams added that is similar to the kind of crowds Wrigley Field had even when the Cubs weren’t doing well.

And it also seems like some Cyclone fans have learned some Cub Speak over the years.

“I think maybe next year is their year, not this year, the Cyclones,” said Gloria Kenkel of Earling. “We’re loyal, it doesn’t matter if we win or lose, we’ll be back next week, we’re always here for them."