Madison County Finishing Plans for Bridge Scenic By-Way

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The Iowa DOT will create a scenic by-way in Madison County. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

The Iowa DOT will create a scenic by-way in Madison County. (Roger Riley WHO-HD)

WINTERSET, Iowa- This week Governor Branstad announced through the Iowa DOT that three new scenic by-ways were being created.

One is the Bridges Scenic by-way in Madison County. The new route will be an 82 mile tour, which will be marked with by-way signs. The tour will also include the John Wayne Birthplace, as well as bridges and scenic roads.

The idea locally was hatched by Madison County Conservation Director Jim Liechty. The community got behind the idea. It took a while for the Iowa DOT to approve the idea. Now there is more work to do before the signs are up along the route.

“Making sure feasibility planning and a sustainability plan is in place so that we’re ready for lots of promotion and marketing,” said Heather Riley, the Executive Director of the Madison County Chamber of Commerce. “Then comes logo selection and then the signs get put in the ground so we got a little bit of work to do, but the good news is our route has been approved and we can go forward with making some plans.”

Other new by-ways include the Jefferson Highway, which runs north to south all the way across the state, going past the Iowa State Capitol.

Also the White Pole Road will be another by-way from Adair to Dexter.

The Iowa DOT will produce maps and signs to mark these new routes.