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Local Business Owner Recalls Strange Encounter With Man Accused of Killing Metro Police Officers

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- A local business owner says he had a strange encounter with Scott Greene, the man accused of killing Urbandale Police Officer Justin Martin and Des Moines Police Sgt. Tony Beminio, just five days before he allegedly shot and killed the two metro officers.

“He did describe weapons that he liked to carry and things that you know make me a little uncomfortable,” said Paul Wilson, Owner of Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe in Urbandale.

Wilson got a bad vibe about Greene when Greene came to his guitar shop.

“He was here with his service dog, but the whole time he just kind of got angry, so I’m just kind of thinking, I don`t want to make this guy mad,” said Wilson.

Wilson's business, Ye Olde Guitar Shoppe, is located on the 3400th block of 70th Street in Urbandale. That's right across the street from where Greene was living at the time.

“Officer Justin Martin had been over with the crime team and had called me at about 5 a.m., got me out of bed to say that we had a burglary,” said Wilson.

Strangely enough, Wilson says it was Officer Martin, who Greene is accused of killing, who called Wilson to inform him about a burglary that had taken place at his shop.

“Once the crime team had left this guy kind of comes across the street and sits down and says I’m the guy that kept anybody from taking anything out of here,” said Wilson. “He said that he had seen the so called getaway car and had called to have it impounded. I asked the police and they said that was actually true, that he had called 9-1-1 on a car that was parked the wrong way on the side street.”

Wilson says that guy who allegedly stopped the burglary was Greene.

At the time, Wilson was grateful to Greene, but what stood out to him was how strange Greene was acting.

“I was sitting here with my wife Janet and we`re having a conversation but it`s kind of one-sided and he`s kind of angry and he`s slamming his fist on things,” said Wilson.

The burglary remains under investigation.