Police Reports Paint Disturbing Picture of Scott Greene as Troubled Man

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URBANDALE, Iowa -- Pages and pages of calls for service involving Scott Greene (seen here: sg-cad-calls_redacted) and police report after police report (seen here: combined-incidents_s_greene_redacted) reveal one disturbing incident after another; all of it paint a picture of a deeply troubled man.

In December of 2004, Urbandale police were called to the Johnston Middle School, regarding a student reporting she was injured by something that had been thrown at her. The student was Greene's daughter. The offender was Scott Greene. The charge was child endangerment. The location of offense: Greene's home.

In February of 2014, police were called because Scott was allegedly harassing his brother-in-law Steven. The responding officer was advised by Steven that "Scott has mental issues and has been diagnosed with PTSD and possibly bipolar disease..."

The officer wrote in the report, "When running Scott's information through dispatch, I was advised of an officer safety flag as Scott has hatred for all law enforcement." The report also says "Steven stated he would like a restraining order placed against Scott protecting himself and his family."

A couple months later, police were called to an apartment complex, because Greene was having a dispute with management; he had been served with an eviction notice. The apartment manager was afraid of Greene. The responding officers also became concerned for their safety as Greene physically resisted arrest, and tried to get loose. As Greene would not comply and struggled to get his hands free, the officers were concerned Greene was going for a weapon. A taser was deployed. Greene tried to grab the taser, so officers drive stunned Greene again and were finally able to get Greene handcuffed and place him under arrest. Police searched Greene and found 2 pocket knives.