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Knoxville Man Threatens To Repeat Ambush Attack on Police

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- It's really easy to know if you have a good day at work as a police officer. A good day at work is a day you get to go home at the end of your shift," said Knoxville Police Chief Dan Losada.  This past Friday, Knoxville police came face to face with a man willing to test that motto.

Shortly before 9:30 pm at 710 West Washington Street police pulled over Corie Briggs of Knoxville for driving while barred but as officers prepared to arrest the 33 year-old it turned violent. Chief Losada said, "When he was told he was going to be under arrest the person resisted and ended up punching one of my officers at least two times in the face."  Once detained , the report says Briggs continued to hit and kick officers.  "He continued to make threats. One specific threat was to the effect that when he got out of jail he was going to get a handgun and go do to the officers what happened to the officers in Des Moines."

Briggs was charged with assault on a peace officer, threats of terrorism, interference with official acts and criminal mischief and driving while barred.  His threats struck a nerve less than a month after Des Moines Sergeant Tony Beminio and Urbandale officer Justin Martin were shot and killed in an ambush attack.  "Myself and my lieutenants are reminding officers on a daily basis to be careful.  We have signs up all around reminding officers to have their heads on a swivel," said Chief Losada.

Throughout the community, residents have painted their curbs blue and used blue light bulbs to show their support for local law enforcement.  It's that love that Chief Losada says shows Corie Briggs is the exception to the majority of those living in Knoxville.   "We know the community supports us and we appreciate that. My guys love driving around town and seeing all the support."  They' ll also continue to keep a watchful eye on what aims to threaten that strong bond.  Chief Losada said, "We know who the gentleman is.  We know where he lives and we will just be on the alert for him."

Briggs remains in the Marion County jail with a $54,000 cash surety bond.  The officer who was punched received treatment for minor injuries and was quickly released from the hospital.