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Tuition Increase Approved by Iowa Board of Regents

CEDAR FALLS, Iowa — Monday the Iowa Board of Regents increased the price of tuition at state universities once again.

Regents approved a two-percent increase for next year and they’re considering another increase for 2018-2019.

The board also approved a measure to charge some juniors and seniors more depending on their degree program. That decision comes despite a movement from Iowa State students to block degree-specific increases. Last month the Iowa State University Senate approved a resolution against the proposal.

Senate President Cole Staudt released a statement following the vote saying, “I placed my trust in the members of the board.  I trusted that they listened to us and would make a decision after gathering all the facts.  That trust has been broken. I can no longer say that I trust that the regents are truly looking out for the best interest of our university.”