Pre-Winter Storm Shoppers Out in East Village

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DES MOINES, Iowa – Some Christmas shoppers were out and about Friday hoping to beat those forecasted winter storms.

Stores in the East Village reported a busier morning than usual. They say it’s this weekend, in the crunch-time right before Christmas, when shoppers show up in droves. But due to the severe cold forecasted, some stores aren’t sure if they’ll reap the usual benefits.

“It’s been a really great shopping morning for sure,” said Dena Steinbach of Eden in the East Village. “I think people are out looking to get things accomplished maybe a little bit earlier in the day before any snow hits this afternoon.”

“Yeah, I’m just tying up,” said Gwen Kading, a shopper from Cumming. “I’ve got most done, and my husband runs a snow-plow, and so he’ll probably be busy all weekend, so, I’m just trying to tie up.”

Sunday will be the coldest this week by far. Beyond it, the weather starts to improve tremendously with highs in the 20s for Monday and in the upper 30s starting Tuesday.