Saturday Morning Drivers Compliment Iowa Road Crews

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With Iowa in the midst of a brash of winter weather the question on everyone’s mind is ‘how are the roads?’

“Another day in paradise that’s for sure!” said truck driver Jeff Herselius.

Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Friday night a mix of snow and freezing rain made travel difficult, so how did motorists say the roads were on Saturday?

“They are slippery in places, some are well taken care of” said Tom Schirmer.

“Highways are OK; they keep it salted here in Iowa pretty good so far. We didn’t drive at all last night but we plan on getting out there today to go to the basketball tournament” said Kevin Mervin.

“The crews are actually doing a good job out there, I’m really impressed. I got in last night, I ran into some tough spots, but once I got past Iowa City I was good to go” said Herselius.

Traffic looked fairly normal around the metro; some of course were locals, while others were on their way through from out of town.

“Just traveling cross-country, spending time with my wife, that’s it!” said Mervin.

Mervin did admit though his jet black mustang may not be the best car for conditions.

“I got to go a little slower than others, but it’s OK, I got it” he said.

Meanwhile, those who had a more snow-worthy ride seemed to fare better.

“This is pretty good so far, but it’s that first snow so people are getting used to the idea of driving in it again” said Schirmer.

Because it is the first real treacherous conditions that a lot Iowa drivers have faced, truckers are taking it upon themselves to offer some words of wisdom.

“Slow down, increase your following distances, and allow yourself plenty of time; and put down the cell phones away! Your life is worth more than that cell phone ok?” said Herselius.

State Patrol officers say so far, there haven’t been any major accidents.