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Mother of Two Takes Boys Road Schooling Across Country

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Six year-old Tristan and his three year-old brother Jasper are on the adventure of a lifetime, traveling across the country. "I`ll pick a spot, like 3-5 days long, and we`ll stay there and it will be sometimes at a national park, sometimes near a large city," said their mother, Sara Johnson of Des Moines.

But life for this family wasn't always like this. A little over a year ago the thought of traveling the country with her two young boys popped into Johnson's head, seemingly out of nowhere. "The kids were napping in the car and an idea just came to me to like try this out and I went home and googled 'can you spend a year in an RV with kids, like can you travel around?' and I looked at all this information," said Johnson.

The answer was yes you can, and so she did. Johnson decided to take the road less traveled, but first, she had to sell her house. "That was one of the reasons why I decided to do this was because it was a great housing market and so the money that I made off of that can finance this trip for this year," she said. As for education, the kids learn on the road. "A lot of people will do home schooling, but I found an alternative that was great for me, it`s called Iowa Virtual Academy, and so with that he can still be considered in an Iowa Public School, but I do schooling with him," said Johnson. "When we were studying government, we went to the White House, you know stuff like that where it`s phenomenal," said Johnson of the hands on learning style and visual, field-trip like opportunities the road schooling approach provides.

The boys miss friends and neighbors from back home, but they meet new friends out on the road. "They`re actually really social and so you`d be amazed at the amount of kids that we meet at various places that we go," said Johnson. "I know a lot of people question that piece of it and say 'oh, are they missing out on socialization? Are they missing out on like organized sports?' They`re both pretty young though, so I don`t see it that way. I think that the benefit of everything that they`re learning and experiencing along the road way outweighs anything that they may be missing the year that they`re gone," she said.