Amazon and Goodwill Help Iowans Give Back

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  This holiday season, there is no doubt that plenty of Amazon shipping boxes will wind up on Iowans' doorsteps.

Instead of simply throwing all of these boxes away, Goodwill of Central Iowa is partnering with Amazon in the Give Back Box project, a way for people to easily donate items to those in need.

"Donations are important, of course, because that's how we generate revenue to pay for the programs that we provide for community members here so they can get training and experience and get jobs in the community," says Carol Warren, Vice President of Goodwill of Central Iowa

After receiving a package from Amazon, Iowans can fill their empty box with items they wish to donate, print out a free shipping label from,  and drop it off at the nearest post office. The box will then be shipped to the nearest Goodwill location.

"This makes it super convenient for the donors," says Warren. "During the heavy winter months, people kind of stop donating and stop cleaning out their closets, and we need a supply of merchandise for our stores to get us through the winter months."

Last year, Goodwill put almost 90% of their revenue back into their programs, which provide jobs to individuals with working barriers, or training to those without experience.

"It means the world to them, they can get out of the house, they can meet new people, get work experience," says Goodwill assistant manager Dustin Shingledecker.

Since the items will be shipped to the nearest of Central Iowa's 19 Goodwill locations, donors can feel good about helping those in their own community.

"Helping those right where you work, live, and play. So, yeah, the nearest Goodwill receives those donations, and they will process them in the stores and turn that into dollars for training programs," says Warren.

To print out a free shipping label, visit the Give Back Box website at