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Local Woman Celebrates a ‘Christmas Miracle’ as Mother Receives Two Organ Donations

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DES MOINES, Iowa - It's hard enough to get one organ donation you desperately need, but DeAnna Hobbs' mother, Sonja, got two, just in time for Christmas.

"It's just a Christmas miracle - I've been saying that from day one, just a Christmas miracle," Hobbs said. "Because not only did you get one organ, but you got both."

Her mother needed a heart and a kidney transplant; the heart due to years of untreated hypertension, and the kidney due to kidney failure that began four years ago.

"They said that the likelihood of getting both from the same donor is slim, so what they had us do, is try to find out different family members that may can do the kidney," Hobbs said. "So I searched, and I even applied to try and get a donor, but I have hypertension myself."

Living in Des Moines, Hobbs' mother waited for a miracle - someone who would be able to donate both. Then, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics called, just days before Christmas.

"They called to tell us that they not only have a heart, but also a kidney, and we had to get her there within two hours," Hobbs said.

Iowa City is just about two hours from Des Moines, so Hobbs and her mother had to make a mad-dash for the hospital. Hours before the life-changing surgery, they prayed.

"But you know, I called around and asked everyone to pray, and even before my mom went in, we just sat there and prayed," she said. "Like, 'God, it's in your hands, and we believe you. You wouldn't have brought us this far.' And I'm a believer in Christmas miracles now, let's just say that."

A successful surgery led to a happy ending for Hobbs and her family just in time for the holidays. As Hobbs spent Christmas Day with her family in Des Moines, her mother peacefully recovered from the surgery in Iowa City.

"This is the best Christmas of my life," she said. "The best Christmas. Just to see her, and I can't wait until she recovers."