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Polarizing Presidential Remarks Leave Iowans with Mixed Feelings

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DES MOINES, Iowa --President-elect Donald Trump's first formal press conference since the election is leaving Iowans with mixed feelings.

“I’m trying to be optimistic. I'm hoping his better self will take over and we will have more of a statesman but right now we do not,” saysIowa Democratic Party chairwoman, Dr. Andy McGuire.

In Wednesday’s hour-long press conference, Trump touched on several topics ranging from his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, to the repeal of Obamacare and building his infamous wall.

Trump supporters weighed in on the Channel 13 Facebook page following his remarks. Bryan Cochran commenting, “So proud we will finally have a president again.”

Undoubtedly Trump's press conference carried a different tone than his predecessor's farewell speech. Former Obama campaign worker, Liz Adelman says, “It's polar opposite of what the next four years will be and I mean I have to be hopeful but I don`t know. It`s gonna be a wild ride.”

Liz Adelman lives in Des Moines but attended President Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago Tuesday night saying it was a night of bittersweet moments.

As President Obama prepares to step out of office, Adelman says she's still hopeful for what's in store.

“My take away from the election, if your unhappy with the way things turned out then you need to do something whether you’re going to mentor, volunteer or step up in your community.”

Channel 13 reached out to the Republican Party of Iowa but has yet to hear back.