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Cyclones Glow Sticks Add New Dimension to Hilton Magic

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AMES, Iowa  --  The biggest game of the year at Iowa State for Men's Basketball is when the often top-ranked Kansas J-Hawks come to town.

The game has plenty of excitement, with students in line for a week, and national television coverage. Associate Marketing Manager for ISU Athletics, Nathan Terry, was looking for something to help provide a Hilton Magic moment.

In order to do this, the athletic department purchased 15,000 glow sticks at about $1 a piece.

"I was looking for something kind of cool, and unique," said Terry. "We now have the ability to turn the lights low, to have a neat atmosphere."

Terry said he had purchased a couple hundred sticks for wrestling, but that didn't have a big impact. He said he had no idea what it would look like, until the lights went down for player introductions.

Since the glow sticks came on when the lights were low, ESPN showed the scene, and it has been all over social media since. The lights were the talk, especially since the game did not go how the Cyclones had hoped.

"Could not have imagined something so simple could have the impact it had," said Terry.