Salvadorean Family in Perry Worries About Trump’s Wall and Immigration Policies

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PERRY, Iowa -- The Barco family came to America in the 1990's, and have been operating the "El Buen Gusto" (The Good Taste) restaurant in the community of Perry since 2009.

"Most of our customers are American people and they are always thankful that we`re here and they love our food and they`re always supporting us and our Mayor`s always supporting us too," says 27-year-old Yandi. She says the authentic Salvadorean restaurant has done well in Perry.

"I don`t picture myself being back in my country, like if I had the opportunity to go back and visit I wouldn`t even go and visit either," said Yandi. The family loves America, but is concerned President Donald Trump may deport them and many others in similar situations. "Who knows what his decisions are going to be next, but the only one that`s a U.S.A. citizen would be my little sister, and me and my older sister have the dreamers," said Yandi. "My parents, they have like a work permit so it could affect a lot of people," she said.

"We`re from El Salvador, but there`s families you know from Guatemala, from Honduras, from all down the south that would want to come to the United States you know, and have a better opportunity and have a better life than what they have right now," said Yandi's mother, 48 year-old Edith. Edith also said she "knows that the wall is gonna affect a lot of people that want to come into the United States," and she said "that hopefully God touches Donald Trump`s heart and he doesn`t end up building the wall."

And while the Barco family may not have all entered the country legally, they say they're not criminals and do have work visas. "We`re good people...we just come here to work you know," said Edith. Edith says she thinks that people that come to America to work should be allowed to do so.

Meanwhile, Perry Mayor Jay Pattee says while it's unclear what impact Donald Trump's policies will have on immigrants in Perry, it would be a terrible loss to the town to lose restaurants like El Buen Gusto and the good people that run them.