Career Change Leads to New Kind of Green in Old Bank

NEW PROVIDENCE, Iowa- Ali Smith had a nice career in the hog industry. She had a masters degree from Iowa State and had been working at a local pork production company, when she decided it was time for a change.

She talked to a woman in Hubbard, who was looking to sell her flower business. She worked it out to buy the business, but needed a building.

"My boyfriend's family is from this area and they said hey go talk to Brenda the gal that owns the old bank building and I did," said Smith. Then the Rustic Rose flower shop wa born.

And when word got out she was going to open a flower shop in the old bank, she got visitors.

"When I people started finding out I was going to open, a couple of the gals on the City Council came up here and said,'hey we need to have a grand opening for you," said Smith.  She added they also posted a sign on the local Roundhouse gym welcoming the Rustic Rose.