Man and Wife Held at Gunpoint After Shooting at Sutton Hill Apartments

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- "A male came up to the car and started to knock on my window, trying to force himself into the car and saying, 'I`ve been shot. Help me, I`ve been shot,'" said a man who got caught up in the chaos that took place Monday afternoon at the Sutton Hill Apartments on SE King Avenue.

The man, who we will refer to as Lee because he asked for his identity to be concealed, and his wife had just arrived home around 3:30 p.m.

The married couple had pulled into their parking spot at the Sutton Hill Apartments and were in sitting in their car when a man they didn't know approached their vehicle: "And I'm like 'buddy, hold on,' just tried to, kept him back and then he pulled a gun out on me. He pulled out a 9 millimeter on me, and he's like 'I'm sorry to do this, but I need you to take me to the hospital right now. Drive,'" Lee says the man told him.

But they never got to the hospital as the ride ended soon after it began in the apartment's parking lot. Lee recounted the interaction: "He pointed a gun right at me and told me to stop the vehicle and he fumbled around with yellow, plastic, Tupperware, with something in it. He was just like focused on that and protective, like I tried to grab it to help him get it up and he pointed the gun at my head and told me, 'back up' and he got out of the vehicle then," said Lee. "...and (he) ran into the building and I hurried down the road and there was a cop that was coming to report for the shooting that had just happened," said Lee.

Shortly thereafter police surrounded the building. Lee says the whole ordeal, "Was just terrifying. I was mostly concerned about my wife in the back and like what he was going to do. If this man was going to end up shooting me or shoot her. I didn't know what to do. I just kept trying to keep calm," said Lee. "I'm still shaking from it," said Lee in recalling those frightening moments in the car.

The irony is Lee and his wife moved to Des Moines from Indianapolis to escape violence. "I moved here to get away from crime...and we were like we need to move here, it's safer here, and we just moved here to get away from violence and it's just coming back over here now," said Lee.

The Des Moines Police Department has released very little information regarding the details of this investigation, other than to say that a man was shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries.