First Egg of 2017 Laid in Decorah Eagles’ Nest

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Decorah Eagles Nest (Raptor Resource Project)

DECORAH, Iowa – Nest-watching season is upon us as our favorite pair of Decorah eagles are looking to expand their family again.

Mom Decorah laid her first egg of 2017 Monday night at 7:30 p.m. The event was captured on camera by the Raptor Resource Project.

The RRP has had cameras trained on the eagles’ nest for several years. It’s located across the road from the DNR Fish Hatchery, giving Mom & Dad Decorah a perfect source of protein to raise hungry eaglets.

The group even helped the eagles in building a “starter” nest after the pair’s nest was destroyed in a storm a few years ago.

Mom Decorah has traditionally laid three eggs each season. Last year was the first year one of the three eggs did not hatch.

The RRP says this egg is the 27th the pair has produced together. Eggs are usually laid about three days apart and the incubation period is right around 35 days.

You can watch the Decorah Eagles’ Nest live here.