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Couple Loses 200 Pounds Together

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CLIVE, Iowa –A metro couple decided they needed to lose weight and made a lifestyle change to drop about 200 pounds together.

The Franklins feel like a new couple after walking into a clinic in Clive eight months ago. "At that time I was a very unhealthy 309 pounds," said Shane Franklin. He is down more than 100 pounds.

His wife Shelly lost 75. "These were standard jean size 18. Now, a size 2," she said showing her old jeans.

The parents of two decided they needed to make a change in their lifestyle together. Shane said, "We weren't happy with ourselves. We weren't happy with our weights."

"We were thinking we need to do something, so let's try this," said Shelly.

They heard about the Profile by Sanford plan from family members. It's an approach to weight loss developed by physicians and dietitians at Sanford Health, which is based in the Dakotas. The personalized plan includes meal replacement products and a health coach to provide support.

"Change is really difficult, so be open to change, be willing to work at it, and those are things we really help you through is understand how to make sure that change last," said Health Coach Molly Heims.

The Franklins changed what they ate. "I think one of my favorites is having fish," said Shelly.

They changed what they drank. "I haven't had a Pepsi since June, since the end of June," said Shane.

But, their biggest key to success just might be each other. "I think it's easier when you have somebody that you can do it with, especially in the same household," said Shelly.

"We've supported each other through this whole journey. It's gotten us closer together, made us a lot happier," said Shane.

A profile membership costs $300 for the first year. The only metro location is in Clive. The Franklins have referred several couples because of their success.