Proposal Pull Over Lands High School Teen His Prom Date

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KNOXVILLE, Iowa -- Young love is in the air.  "He asked me out to the movies and it just went from there," said Madison Shilling, a Junior at Knoxville High School.

Shilling and Senior Knoxville High School student Colby DaRaad have been dating since October.  Colby says the two have clicked ever since, "She's always there for me even when I'm a bit irritated or mad." Madison added, "He's really just sweet to me and we can talk about anything.  I feel very trustworthy of him"

With that bond in mind Colby knew who he wanted to take to the 2017 Prom. "Instead of a poster, I wanted to think bigger and wanted to do something a lot more unique."  He turned to the Knoxville Police Department.  Lieutenant Aaron Fuller quickly jumped on board. "I've never been involved in anything like it," he said.

Last Friday, February 17, Lt. Fuller caught Madison red-handed, or so she thought.  "Well, he said I didn't use my turning signal as the reason.  I thought I did." Lieutenant Fuller knew she didn't have a clue.  "She was very worried at first."

Fuller's body camera caught every moment of Colby's romantic plot.  After leaving the high school parking lot, Madison pulled into a lot, directly across the street from the high school.  Aside from believing she was in store for a traffic ticket, she was also worried about driving with a passenger, something Colby was already well aware of.  "She originally had a restriction and she just got off of it not too long ago." Madison added,  "I was in an accident and I rear ended someone because my brakes failed so you have a month restriction of not having anyone in your car."  Finally, Colby and Lt. Fuller made it easy with a poster.  "It said prom or ticket? So she had a choice of whether she wanted to get that ticket for not using her headlights or if she wanted to go to prom with me," said Colby.

There was just one decision left and she checked yes.  A traffic stop everyone can be proud about.  "All my friends thought it was pretty cool." Definitely one of Lt. Fuller's most memorable traffic stops. "Happy to help.  It was cool to be a part of the experience there and I'm just happy I was given the opportunity."

After her fairytale prom proposal, Madison will take on another magical story. The Knoxville High School's play of Cinderella.