University of Iowa Facing Lawsuit After Revoking Scholarships

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IOWA CITY, Iowa  --  The University of Iowa's attempt to save money by cutting scholarships could get expensive, as the university now faces a lawsuit over the decision.

The school is cutting $4.3 million in scholarships as part of $8 million in state budget cuts.

Letters to the 2,440 students losing their scholarships were sent out last week.

This is money on which an Indianola student was depending.

"The federal loans have a lifetime limit of around $57,000 or 56, and I'm about $5,000 away from that, so I can't afford to take out the full amount in federal loans--well I can't, because they won't let me. So I needed that, you know," said Thomas Bradshaw.

The attorney handling the lawsuit says revoking the scholarships is both immoral and illegal.