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Iowans Rally in Support of President Trump

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  With signs, fans, and the recognizable “Make America Great Again” hats, hundreds of Trump supporters turned up at the Capitol on Saturday for a rally in support of the man they voted into office.

“We’ve been supporting Trump actually since he was in Hoyt Sherman that day, and we came out today because I’m so excited because he’s bringing back America,” said supporter Nancy Hayer.

“What I like about Trump is that he emphasizes bilateral agreements with countries rather than unilateral trade agreements that are harder to get out of,” said her son Frederic Hayer.

“He is focused on the stuff he said he is going to do, that he wants to do, and so I have no criticism whatsoever,” said Caleb Primrose.

“He has given the American people--the hardworking, blue collar American people--a voice, and that’s exciting because their voices have never been heard,” said senior Trump campaign adviser Tana Goertz.

“He’s out there working for the people, and that’s who we are, we’re taxpayers, we work hard, we go to work, and that’s what I just think,” said Nancy Hayer.

Supporters like Hayer are unwavering in their support of the president, but say one aspect of his tenure in office is still a work in progress.

“His message. He got that exactly right the other night when he gave that speech. It was incredible. Even CNN and the other news stations said this is the Trump we’ve been waiting for,” said Hayer.

A rash of tweets from the president came Saturday morning, accusing President Obama of wiretapping the phones at Trump Tower, with no proof, and criticizing Arnold Schwarzenegger's job as host of The Apprentice.

Still, rally goers say tweets like those don’t take away from what they believe President Trump is doing.

“He’s strong, he stands up for us, he’ll focus on our interests at the end of the day and fight for them,” said Frederic Hayer.

Iowa Democrats are less than impressed with the first few weeks of Trump's presidency, releasing a statement on the rallies, reading, in part:

“From nepotism to business conflicts of interests to Russian attacks on our democracy, the first six weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have been littered with scandals and controversy. It’s time for President Trump to put an end to his victory lap and start leading our nation with the dignity and grace that the office of the presidency deserves.”

Saturday marked the president’s 43rd day in office.